Marisa Hughey

Lafayette Newborn Photography | Smith

The moment is here after nine long months of waiting. Nine months of daydreaming about holding your baby, rocking them to sleep, and reading them stories. Nine months of wondering what your baby will look like. Picturing their little nose, feet, what color eyes they will have, and if they will have hair when they are born. You hear your baby cry, and you can finally take a breath. Your doctor holds up your baby and announces it’s a …. BOY!

Don’t get me wrong, all deliveries are special but those deliveries that the gender of the baby is a surprise there is so much anticipation, excitement, and joy throughout the entire room.

I love that this sweet couple waited to find out at their delivery if they were having a boy or girl. My husband and I waited when I was pregnant as well and I remember people telling us that we were crazy for waiting. I always responded that in life there are very few times you get an opportunity to have such a special, happy surprise.

I think it is safe to say that this couple is very blessed with a handsome little boy with the most beautiful head full of hair. I actually photographed his older cousin a few months prior and you can definitely tell they are related! They have the perfect baby hair genes. He is one lucky little boy to have such a wonderful family. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to capture this precious time for this family.

January 6, 2024

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