Marisa Hughey

Lafayette baby photographer | Oaklee 3 month

Oaklee Joy, how has it been three months since your birthday?! Three month pictures can be a bit more tricky since babies are not quite sitting up on their own yet, but it is also so fun because babies are starting to be more expressive and show even more of their unique personalities . I think it is safe to say this little girl is the happiest baby with that precious smile. This session was so fun even though it was hot out! Oaklee was such a trooper and was so sweet throughout the session. We used the clothesline in my backyard (that my sweet husband built) so we were able to get some sweet pictures with her outside and then move inside to the in studio space with air conditioning 🙌🏻

To make this session even more sweet, we were able to hang Oaklee’s great grandma’s lace tablecloths on the clothesline for her pictures. I love all the details that are so meaningful.

baby three month milestone pictures

August 7, 2023

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