Marisa Hughey

I am married to my best friend, Jake. The love and support he shows me daily is honestly what you read about in all the mushy love stories. I have told many people before that he is genuinely the best person I have ever met. We have a one year old daughter named Mabel. She is the best parts of my husband and myself all rolled into one sweet and sassy little girl. Since becoming  a mother, I have a closer relationship with God. Becoming a parent puts into perspective how much He truly loves each of us. A love that is unfaltering and unwavering. A love that makes your heart feel like it's going to burst open.

Jake and I built a home in small town Lafayette, TN where I grew up. I believe there is something beautiful about living a simple, slower lifestyle. I have really made it a point this past year to slow down and take in all of the many blessings that are around me. I want to soak up all the toddler giggles, hearing little feet run around, feel the calmness of watching a sunrise, and the warmth of a cup of coffee.  Which if I am being honest, I drink way too much of!

  •  My husband and I didn't find out the gender of our baby until she was born. It was the sweetest moment!

  • My daughter and I have daily dance parties in our living room. Our current jam is Who Let the Dogs Out.

  • Before pursing photography, I worked as a registered nurse in a NICU for over 4 years.

  • I probably quote a line from the tv series The Office daily.

  • My husband and I started growing our first garden last year.

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